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Oply says Goodbye

End of Service on Feb 27th 2020



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Always there for you

Planning a city trip? Want to move house? Or just want to get away for the weekend? With Oply you’re set for all your mobility needs! Oply takes you everywhere – and always brings you back to your hood.

Oply Fahrzeugtypen

Get the right one

Offering four different car classes, Oply has the right car for you wether its moving or a tour abroad

Oply Flex Buchung

Instant start

Spontaneous rides at 6 € per hour. Just reserve your car in our App and start your trip.

Oply PLAN Buchung

Planned trip

With Oply you can book your car up to 6 months in advance and up to 27 days in a row.

Oply Nachbarschaften

Getting home

Every Oply has its home. Return the car in the same neighbourhood where you picked it up.

Your companions

Oply City


Oply Transport


Oply Family


Oply Sport


Sign-up for free:


  1. Get the App
    The Oply App is your control room for everything: Finding and reserving a car, even opening and locking it – all can be done conveniently via the App.
  2. Register with your driver’s license
    Simply follow the steps on the display in-app. Your online driver’s license check will be confirmed within two days at the latest.
  3. Get your Oply
    Want to drive off directly? Just book your car via the “FLEX” option. And if you have any trips planned in the next weeks or months – reserve your Oply in advance via “PLAN”.


Our prices

Our rates are all-in: Everything you normally pay for a car – petrol, insurance, maintenance, repairs and the parking fees in your neighbourhood – is included in your rent.


From 6 / hour
(Incl. 150km/tour, afterwards 0.19 €/km

  • Book spontaneously, drive off immediately
  • Reserve up to 30 minutes for free
  • End your reservation when it suits you*



from 45 / Day
(Incl. 150km/tour, afterwards 0.19 €/km)

  • Scheduled Rides
  • Book up to 6 months in advance
  • Rent your Oply from ½ day up to 27 days


Carsharing Einkaufen

Shopping in the city

1h, 10km


Oply City
Carsharing Umzug

Move to the awesome new flat

12h, 150km


Oply Transport
Carsharing Ausflug

Head to the lake after work

3h, 60km


Oply City
Carsharing Ausflug mit Kindern

Off to the mountains with the kids

2 Days, 240km


Oply Family

Here is Oply at home

More than 400 cars in the largest three cities

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